Our Mission and Approach

Advancing applied geophysics

Our Mission

Advance quantitative methods in applied geophysics.

Our Approach

Scientific Excellence & Innovation
We advance numerical methods for geophysical simulations and inversions and include machine learning to extract insights from geophysical data. Our group facilitates the integration of data and information between geoscientific disciplines.
Societal Impact
We recognize the crucial role of applied geophysics and numerical computing in addressing environmental, geological, and societal challenges, and we prioritize research with real-world applications.
Open Science
We promote open-science principles and strive to create an open-source foundation for computational geophysics. We share our research findings and methodologies openly with the global scientific community to accelerate scientific progress. Open practices bring together experts from different backgrounds and perspectives, enriching our research and broadening our collective impact.
Education & Outreach
We train the next generation of highly qualified geoscientists and practitioners. We support open education, workshops, and international initiatives to improve the understanding the role of geophysics to help solve earth and environmental challenges.