Open Science

We promote open-science principles and strive to create an open-source foundation for computational geophysics. We share our research findings and methodologies openly with the global scientific community to accelerate scientific progress. Open practices bring together experts from different backgrounds and perspectives, enriching our research and broadening our collective impact.


Simulation and Parameter Estimation in Geophysics
2013 - Present

SimPEG is an open source python package for numerical simulations and gradient based inverse problems in geophysics. We are working to bring all of the geophysical methods into one place and into the open. Join the development on github!

Collaborative, open access educational resources for geophysics.
2014 - Present

Web-based resources for the fundamentals of geophysics for practicing geoscientists (GPG) and electromagnetic geophysics (EM). These are collaboratively developed resources and include interactive numerical simulations.